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Big on experience

We’ve previously worked on campaigns for Unicef, eBay, Ikea & McGrath. Get more for your business knowing we bring the skill & execution of a big agency without the price tag.

No lock in contracts

Work on a simple month to month basis. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we don’t promise the world then lock you into a long term agreement. No gimmicks – come and go as you please.

Run by humans

We’re not a faceless entity. When you work with us you deal with the business owners. Visit our office or we’ll visit yours, there’s always a face to the name.

More for your investment

With online marketing one size does not fit all. Our strategies are tailored to your business & we only use the digital channel that will perform best for you.

We keep in touch

This really is at the core of everything we do. Open communication fosters a happy relationship. We’re straight forward, honest and always keep in touch.

Sensational reporting

Work with us and we’ll set you up a custom dashboard. Log-in & check exactly how your campaign is performing 24/7. Traffic, sales, rankings & phone calls – it’s all there.

A SEO Sydney Service That's Honest & Transparent

The most important things to consider when choosing an SEO company is how transparent they are and what their experience is like. If you're paying someone to handle your digital marketing make sure they know what they're doing and aren't afraid to show you everything.


Michael Costin

5 years experience in SEO. Previously worked on SEO campaigns for Unicef, Chemmart, eBay & Rebel Sport. Run multiple high ranking, high traffic lead-gen & affiliate sites.


    Dominic Sergi

    5 years experience in digital marketing. Previously senior account management lead at a large digital agency. Strong Google AdWords & PPC background.


      Local Digital
      Parent Business

      We’re part of Local Digital – a digital marketing business based in Drummoyne, Sydney that provides SEO, AdWords, CRO & Web Design services to Sydney businesses.

        Our Story

        SEO Sydney Now is a website run by the team at Local Digital. We’ve set this site up so that people interested in SEO in Sydney can find us easily. So who are we anyway? Two digital marketers with experience working on some of Australia’s largest brands that have launched our own digital marketing consultancy.

        So why would we do that when there’s already a tonne of SEO companies in Sydney? Simple. We know we can do it better. It’s an unfortunate truth that there are many fly-by-night operators out there in the SEO world. The problem is, with it being such a technical field it makes it tough for business owners to tell the real experts from those that don’t know their stuff. The other side of the coin is that most of the SEO agencies that will actually do a good job can be prohibitively expensive.

        That’s why we know we can make a difference. We’re bringing the big agency skill, experience and expertise we’ve learned working on eBay, Unicef, McGrath & Harvey Norman to the small & medium business end of the Sydney SEO market. And we’re doing it with the price tag of independent consultants. How? By running as lean as possible. We’re cutting out all the overheads of a big agency and focusing solely on providing actionable recommendations that generate profit for businesses like yours.

        Get in touch now if you’re interested in SEO in Sydney. We won’t be the right fit or able to achieve results for everyone, and we’ll be honest about that, but if we know we can make a difference for you we’d love to provide you with a free SEO review.

        Get A Free SEO Review

        Things To Consider

        Are you weighing up the range of different SEO Sydney has to offer? Word of warning – do your research! It’s essential you make sure you’re dealing with a proficient SEO consultant that knows the right strategy for you. You want to deal with people who live and breathe the stuff, have a track record of results and don’t engage in underhanded sales tactics. As such, here’s a few areas you need to consider and certain things you should be wary of. By following the below advice you lessen the chance of dealing with one of the dodgy SEO agencies.

        1. Guaranteed Rankings – if an SEO company offers you this run for the hills! No company can guarantee rankings! Why? Because they are simply a third party that is relying on Google responding to their optimisation efforts. Since they are not Google and they have no idea what’s going to happen they simply cannot offer a guarantee. Which brings us to our next point…

        2. Claim to be hooked up with Google – one of the favoured tactics of the dodgy operators is to claim they represent Google or have “a contact at Google” or some sort of inside knowledge on how Google works. They don’t. It’s that simple. Only a handful of very smart, very wealthy engineers in the USA know EXACTLY how the Google algorithm works, and they certainly are not sharing this with some dodgy back alley SEO agency in Sydney! Not to mention the fact that Google makes it’s money through businesses paying them for their AdWords product. It is not in their interest to support SEO, they support and encourage AdWords as it makes them money – plain and simple.

        3. Offer the world, for very little money – if it sounds too good to be true, it is. This is especially so in SEO. Why? Because real SEO takes real time and effort, and real time and effort costs money. If an SEO salesman is offering you huge amounts of onsite SEO work, link building work and rankings for difficult keywords for next to nothing then something is wrong. The more likely scenario? They are pocketing your money and doing nothing, or very little for it.

        4. Say they’ll work for free if they don’t get results, but lock you into a contract – this is an especially crafty strategy. Many of the less than scrupulous Sydney SEO companies will promise the world, and even guarantee to work for free if they don’t get results. But they then go ahead and lock you in to a contract for 12 months. So you’re locked in at $500 per month ($6k for the year) and brilliant, if they don’t get results they’ll work for free! What a good deal! Until you think about it. From the dodgy SEO agency’s point of view all they do is sit back, take your $6k, achieve nothing and then after the 12 months they “work for free”. They’ll probably be “working” for years without getting any results, but they’ve already got your $6k.

        5. Have a non SEO or marketing background – do a bit of research into the sales guys, the account management guy and the guy who will be handling your SEO. With LinkedIn this makes things easy. What do you want to see? Somebody who has been in the industry for years, worked on big brands, worked at a big agency, has experience in marketing and shows general technical proficiency and web know how. What do you not want to see? Someone that was working in Real Estate or Retail or a trade a few months earlier and has absolutely no background in digital marketing. This stuff takes YEARS to learn thoroughly. If you’re paying an agency for their expertise make sure the people you’re dealing with actually have said expertise!

        6. Will accept any client – the truth of the matter is SEO is not right for everyone. Businesses know it’s important, but in some cases you would be better served handling the basics yourself than engaging an agency. There needs to be an opportunity for a return on your investment for paid SEO to be worthwhile undertaking. That means you’re in an industry where there is decent search interest & where your product is worth enough that an increase in sales or leads will justify your expense on SEO. The dodgy operators will sign up anyone and everyone as all they are interested in is the sale, not the performance of the campaign. The good SEO agencies will do the numbers and say no when the situation calls for it.

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        SEO Packages

        Many businesses ask about SEO Packages. And we get it. It’s easy to have a nice, one size fits all product that you can purchase and forget. The problem is this is counter intuitive – SEO by nature needs to be custom. Not every site is the same. Not every server is the same. Not every industry is the same. It is crazy to think you just pick 3 or 5 or 10 keywords that a package offers and build a whole campaign around that. All of this and much, much more are vital things to consider when deciding to undertake SEO.

        So we don’t offer SEO packages, however we know you’re probably sick of agencies being shady about what they charge, so we can give some idea of the costs involved with some of our more common SEO work. Please remember these costs are only a guideline and for every single client we will put together a detailed proposal tailored to their unique needs.

        SEO Health Check – FREE – This is like a quick check-up for your car, only in this case we’re checking up your website. Our consultant will look at some of the most important SEO areas of the site & how you compare to your competition then provide a report of areas that need work. This document is custom prepared every time we make it and is not a cookie cutter template or tool generated document. We will prepare this document at the very beginning to confirm whether or not an SEO campaign is viable for your business. We provide you with the document and it is yours to keep, regardless of whether you choose to engage with us or not.

        On Site Optimisation – $800 to $1500 one time fee – This typically involves performing some or all of the following – Keyword Research, Keyword Mapping, Technical Audit, Content Gap Analysis, Internal Link Recommendations, Google Analytics Audit & Recommendations, Blog Recommendations and a range of other documents.

        Off Site Optimisation – From $1000 per month – This is the process of reaching out to authoritative, relevant sites and seeking to acquire links to help boost your site’s rankings. It is this activity that will really see your site move in the rankings, but it’s also the most important aspect of SEO to get right.

        Local SEO – From $500 per month – This involves optimising your site to perform well in the Google local results and includes Google + (aka Google My Business) optimisation, ensuring your site is optimised for local search and building regular citations for your business.

        As mentioned previously SEO packages are not the way to go. A good SEO campaign is always tailored to your unique circumstances, so don’t fall for the packaged trap.

        Get A Free SEO Review

        Get A Free SEO Review

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